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Layaway Plan

We are proud to be able to offer a layaway service here at Must Wear Designs! All we ask is for commitment from our customers.

Our Layaway plan, means that now you can pay your orders with INSTALLMENTS, at your own pace through a Paypal invoice.


This is how it works:

1) Contact us regarding the items you would like to purchase through our Layaway plan and give us the due date it suits you best (within the next two months/ 60 days). We will check our stock and will set aside the items for you.

2) We will issue a Paypal invoice which will keep track of all the installments till you pay your order in full

3) We will dispatch your order within the next working day after your order is paid in full

Terms and Conditions:

- Prices of items under this option remain at full price.

- All our layaway orders will be processed through a Paypal invoice

- You choose the due date of your layaway orders, for a maximum of two months/ 60 days

- All layaway orders require a down payment (deposit) of 15%

- You choose the dates and the amount you pay in each installment (after the down payment)

- If you wish to cancel your order at any point before the due date, we will charge a cancellation fee of 5% and we will refund the remaining amount within the next two working days

-  If you fail to pay the order in full by the due date, we will charge a failure of completion fee of 20% and we will refund the remaining amount within the next two working days

​What's next?!

Contact us now before your items get sold out!


Layaway plans are great for planning your cheeky treats throughout the year and for those special occasions like birthdays, Valentines, anniversaries and Christmas presents!!!  


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