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MUST WEAR DESIGNS is a family run business established in 2014, as a need for a space taking you apart from the uniformity of massive brands.

We are proudly retailers and the UK wholesalers of Hot Chocolate Design, a Venezuelan brand offering an amazing range of shoes and accessories designed with vintage & pop patterns, asymmetry, and ultra low weight, making a beautiful, unique and comfortable shoe.

On June 2016 we added to our offer the unique British brand of accessories Punky Pins and on October of the same year Zohara tights are also part of our offer.


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Founded in 2004, Hot Chocolate Design is a Venezuelan brand that emerges as a local fresh and innovative accessories brand, inspired on the consumers` need for unique products.

Carolina Aguerrevere (Graphic Designer) and Pablo Martinez (Ilustrator) define HCD as a design brand which occasionally blends with art as the concept, design and fabrication of each item they produce is intended to reflect its individuality .

MUST WEAR DESIGNS is delighted to partnership with Hot Chocolate Design to bring customers its very delicious shoes and accesories range to the UK market.

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Punky Pins is a prominent british figure within the independent, handmade fashion industry, with various well known celebrity figures regularly snapped wearing the brand.

Punky Pins offers unique jewellery designs produced and handmade in-house in their fast paced design studios. Regular releases provide customers with fresh, fun, cutting edge designs that can't be found on the high street.

The Punky Pins range of products are handmade to the highest quality. This attention to detail has led to prime time television shows such as The Brit Awards, The X-Factor, Big Brothers Big Mouth, Paris Hiltons British Best Friend and Transmission with T-Mobile to choose Punky Pins when dressing their clients.

MUST WEAR DESIGNS is delighted to partnership with Punky Pins to bring its customers this very delicious accessories range.


MUST WEAR DESIGNS is proud to stock “Zohara”, delivering innovative and fresh designs to the world of tights.

A wonderful combination between original art, modern fashion, high quality and perfect comfort with much dedication and attention to small details.

Zohara tights are the result of the inspiration drawn from cultures and styles of different places around the world, and they are reflected in a collection of fashionable tights.

A rich variety of colours, wide selection of patterns and range of styles allows every women to find the right design for her and enjoy a style that is both fashionable and comfortable.


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