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Important information about Hot Chocolate Design Shoe Sizes

Getting the right shoe for your foot is very important to avoid disappointments and unnecesary returns, and as shoe sizes can greatly vary from brand to brand, please use the steps below to make sure you get a perfect match:


- Take off your shoes, or shoe

- Place your heel against a door or wall

- Now measure from your heel / wall or door to the tip of your longest toe

- Match it to the size guide of the style you want to buy (flats or heels) and you’re done.

Note: The numbers printed on the sole of the shoes (HCD column) DO NOT corresponde/ match European standard sizes. The sizes printed on the sole corresponde to Venezuelan sizes and we have translated them into UK sizes according to its measurements.

How to measure HCD.png

ZOHARA tights sizing guide:

Sizing guide Zohara tights.png
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